Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P
Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P

Wo-We Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam- 720P

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  • Lightning-Fast PC Login: Featuring Windows Hello Face Recognition technology, you can unlock your laptop or desktop in under a second! Say goodbye to long login times and frustrative passwords and hello to the convenience of just scanning your face.
  • Enterprise-Graded Security:  The built-in infrared(IR) camera is an effective security measure that can prevent spoofing and hacking attempts by accurately detecting unique biometric signs that are specific to living people. By using heat signatures to verify the authenticity of biometric signals, such as facial recognition data, our IR camera ensures that only live persons can access our secure systems. This makes it impossible for hackers to gain unauthorized access or commit fraud, enhancing the overall security of our enterprise-grade system.
  • Professional-Level Support: 720-pixel resolution at 30 fps and dual-stereo-mics enable this webcam to deliver clear image and decent video sound quality, making it perfect for use with various professional applications like YouTube, Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. Whether for business or leisure, this webcam's remarkable audio and visual experience enhances the user's video conferencing experience, producing impressive sound and image quality that makes collaborating and communicating remotely much easier.
  • Multi-users' account Support: With multiple users' account support, users can switch between accounts quickly and easily, without the need to log out and log back in. This function is especially useful for families or shared devices in a workplace, where multiple users need to access the same device with their own individual settings and preferences.
  • Plug & Play: This webcam offers convenient "plug and play" functionality. Just plug the USB into your computer and you're set to go! Simplify your setup process with our easy-to-use webcam.

windows hello webcam

 What is Windows Hello Webcam?

This cutting-edge device utilizes top-of-the-line sensors and algorithms to create a highly-secure 3D map of your face, ensuring that only you can access your device or user account.

How does Windows Hello facial recognition unlock work in 1 second?

To speed up the process of unlocking, Windows Hello uses an infrared camera to detect facial features, even in the dark, and then uses advanced algorithms to match the facial signature in real-time against the saved facial signature. This process takes only a fraction of a second, allowing your device to unlock quickly.



Are you aware that over 920 password attacks are happening every second?

That's why we've created cutting-edge solutions to redefine login credentials.  Wo-We Windows Hello Webcam leverages advanced infrared facial recognition technology to prevent any unauthorized device access and safeguard your identity.

Invest in this  product today and enjoy unmatched peace of mind and top-grade security.


Wo-We Windows Hello webcam offers a multiple users' account support function which enables multiple users to securely login to the same Windows 10 /11 device using their own facial recognition data.

  • This function allows every user to have their unique biometric data stored on the device, which is then used to verify their identity and grant access to their account.
  • This feature comes in handy, especially for families or shared devices in a workplace where multiple users require access to the same device with their individual settings and preferences.
  • Wo-We Windows Hello webcam supports UP To 10 Users enrolling their facial recognition data on a single device, making it a secure and convenient solution for multi-user environments. Each user's data is securely and separately stored, guaranteeing the protection of their privacy and security.


720p windows hello webcam

Dual Stereo Microphones offer you an exceptional audio recording and noise reduction features experience, delivering crystal-clear sound quality that's ideal for professional use.

Whether you are Streaming, Recording, in a Conference Call, or any other activity that needs clear audio, this webcam is the perfect solution. You'll enjoy clearer and crisper sound with minimal background noise interference, ensuring superior audio quality.



Infrared Camera Resolution 340 x 340
Infrared Camera Transfer Rate 100fps
Webcam Resolution 1280 x 720
Webcam Max Image Transfer Rate 30fps
Emission Wavelength Centroid wavelength 850 nm
Digital Microphone Digital Microphone*2
I/O Port USB 2.0 or USB3.0 (Recommended)
Operating Temperature -30°C to +70°C (-22F to +158F)
Stable Image Temperature 0℃ to +50℃ (32F to +122F)
Distance Range 12 ~40 inches
Dimension (Lx Wx H) 5.31*0.87*0.29 inches
Net Weight 4.2 Ounces
OS for Infrared Camera Windows 10
OS for Windows Webcam Windows 10 & Windows 8/8.1 & Windows 7