AMD Development History

If you are a computer enthusiast, perhaps you are no stranger to AMD which founded in the United States in 1969. AMD designs and manufactures innovative microprocessors, as well as flash memory and low-power processor solutions, for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. In the early days, AMD's main business was to redesign products for Intel, making them faster and more efficient, and to provide those products to the market as a 'second supplier'. The company's slogan is 'The future is fusion'. In order to strengthen the sales advantage of its products, the company provides a quality assurance unprecedented in the industry - all products are manufactured and tested in accordance with the strict MIL-STD-883 standard, and the relevant guarantee applies to all customers and will not be charged any additional fees. Since 2006, AMD's global business has grown by leaps and bounds. It not only expanded the cooperation with the world's leading computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, Toshiba, Sony, etc. To the Chinese market, but also successively obtained Lenovo, Founder, Tongfang, TCL, Seven-Up, Asus, Acer, MSI, BenQ , Dawning and other major OEM manufacturers are welcome. And WO-WE, a popular new brand in recent years, is also using its products. In December 2018, the World Brand Lab released the '2018 World Top 500 Brands' list, and AMD ranked 485th. With the continuous development of the computer industry, AMD is gradually being familiar with more and more people.

Author: Claire Yuan

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