About Us

Our Story
Innovation. Innovation takes time. It has never been the work of a single man. Rather a succession of small steps, of trials and errors along the way and by a variety of people. After years or even decades, it is this accumulation of findings and research that, one day, is able to gather together in creating an exceptional product for the world to use.

On a spring evening in a not-so-distant past (it was the year 2015 actually), six incredibly innovative IT engineers - who had worked in the world’s top computer companies for a combined 110 years altogether - were increasingly aware that the features-rich products hitting the marketplace were not that much user-friendly.

Gathering their thoughts and looking for a solution on how to tackle this dilemma, the seventh latecomer to that night diner (a VP sales colleague of mine) popped up the question ‘how about we gather our individual strengths and the existing data and create user-friendly products that we would love to have ourselves?’

That very night saw the premise of what today is known globally as the Wo-We brand. It is the simplicity in innovative solutions that Wo-We today brings to your homes, to your family, and into your offices.

The rest is History...
Mission: We provide state-of-the-art electronic products to enhance people's lifestyles and make their journeys memorable. 
Vision: wo-we is driven through high quality, practical, reliable, authentic, creative, dynamic, and visionary products that master today’s needs in an ever-changing world.
What makes us unique: Fueled by a team of international professionals in manufacturing and marketing, we add value through its unique offerings.
Welcome to the world of wo-we!