What is a mini PC?

What is a mini PC?

Mini PC is known as a minicomputer or a mid-range computer.

Mini PCs are a variant of computers that possesses most of the features and capabilities of a large computer, but is smaller in physical size. They are small and light, easy to be taken to anywhere.

How does a mini PC work?

Just like a normal computer, a mini PC has a central processing unit i.e. CPU and memory, which means a mini PC in fact operates the same way as a computer does.

Where the CPU would execute instruction by fetching it from the memory, using ALU to perform an operation, and then storing the result to its memory.

Processor: Performs operation based on data. Mini PCs generally uses (ARM)-based processors as it is small and energy-efficient.

Memory: Stores data. There are two types of memory: Read-only memory (ROM) and Random-access memory (RAM). ROM cannot be altered, while RAM can be repurposed.

Storage: Mini PC uses Flash memory to hold information.

Computer ports: Allows connection with other devices such as a monitor, keyboards, etc. It may also have USB or HDMI, RCA-video out, audio jack, etc.

Physical interface: No display, keyboards or mouse, so these are something you have to add, but some mini PCs do support Bluetooth. If not, you can always connect using the USB ports.

Mini PC's Advantages are obviously:

Size: It is tiny, portable, light and could be tucked away easily.

Cost: it is much more cost-effective than a desktop or laptop.

Versatile: You’re able to change the parts inside a mini PC as you wish, you can even choose which monitor you’d want to use, be it your TV or computer monitor.

Energy Consumption: Low energy consumption  normally require less power.

It really could be called as they bring us convenience and efficiency.

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Are you going to have one?

 Author: Claire Yuan

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